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Lynette Edwards
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118 FLORA Tce
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Massage Therapy is an entirely natural, non-invasive manual therapy. It is also one of the oldest know forms of healing being practised for over thousands of years in order to maintain good health, rehabilitate injuries and to enhance physical performance.

Massage therapy helps to restore the normal functioning of muscles, releasing muscle spasm and tension, break down scar tissue (especially after a game or a hard training session), increase flexibility and range of movement.

In addition, massage helps eliminate toxic metabolic waste, increase venous return to the heart, reduce fluid retention and oedema, and increase the nutrients supply to the body tissue.
1 hour Initial - $105
1 hour Follow up - $90
30 minutes - $65
1.5 hours - $160

We are available for individuals, groups and corporate bookings.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

The use of Stones has been around thousands of years. They have been used in rituals and healings by the Hawaiian Kahunas, Mayan Indians, Chinese, Russians, Japanese and Mapuche healers of Chile. Throughout the ages, for their healing properties and power, they have been used in stone circles, Stonehenge and with crystal work.

Not only do the stones deliver the temperature, they also pass on their own personal energy. The stones have the resonance of the Earth which passes onto the client enabling them to feel totally relaxed and energised.

Health Benefits

  • Relaxing and calming
  • Rejuvenating and revitalising
  • Relieves muscle tension and aches
  • Very nurturing
  • Respiratory and lymphatic system increased rates
  • Increase blood flow
  • Enhances immune system
  • Natural ex-foliate and skin skin softener
1.5 hours - $160.00 and guaranteed to have you walking on air!

LYNETTE EDWARDS - Remedial, Sports and Hot Stone Massage Therapist, Artistry Anti-Ageing Consultant, Healthpointe and Wellness Coach

Lynette has worked with a number of sports clubs and at sports events over her career, including Wanneroo Rugby Union Club, World Triathlon Championship in 2000, Perry Lakes Athletic meets, Challenge Stadium swimming competitions and the Western Reds Rugby League Team.

Lynette combines the techniques of Remedial Massage, Sports Massage, Myofascial Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Hot stone therapy, Deep Tissue and Soft Tissue Massage which will be used to tailor Lynette now has available Modern Cupping

Top products and amazing skin analysis testing to diagnose your skins specific needs.
Please call 0451 055 116 to speak with Lynette about this special program.

Lynette’s extensive remedial massage career allows her to select the techniques that will get results and really target injuries and pains, as well as provide a soothing transformation to muscle tensions. Her hot stone techniques simply have you melt into the table. One of Lynette’s passions is teaching. She routinely conducts couple’s massage classes where she passes on her expertise and love of massage, as a rejuvenation to the body and mind. Please call us about the upcoming sessions. Pregnancy massage sessions also available.

Remedial Massage Therapy /Hot Stone/Relaxation/Reflexology and Australian Bush Flower Essence Remedies.

Carla has a Diploma of Remedial Massage and Diploma of Health Science from Great Southern Tafe in Albany WA. While living and working in this community, she continued to study several complimentary techniques, including Reflexology.
Returning to the city has allowed her to update her technical and assessment techniques to enable a more rounded treatment, which benefits a wide variety of clientèle. Carla has enjoyed working with other complimentary teams ;Osteopathic Medicine’, Subiaco Sports Massage’, Nedlands Osteopathy and Acupuncture’

10 years Massage and Reflexology experience has enabled her to provide a quality session for you.
Carla's approach stems from a holistic perspective; where a balance of environmental & nutritional input, body function, mental clarity and spiritual connection is offered to achieve optimum wellness.
These combined massage techniques when mixed and matched to suit your needs on the day. Initially, the Hot Stone treatment melts away any acute stress, highlights chronic dysfunction and, if necessary, allows for a combination of deep, but gentle techniques, to initiate your body’s own healing responses. The information gained, not only provides relief and insightful self-awareness, it allows planning for any necessary referral, ongoing remedial or preventative sessions and initiatives.

As an Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT) Membership, she offers Health Fund rebates .
This governing body is very pro-active in gaining advances in the industry, including research, Health Fund benefits and legislative protection for both Client and Practitioner.

Tony is a registered remedial massage therapist who takes pride in his work and his massage therapies encompass his knowledge of life and his eastern philosophies that were necessary to make his clients feel holistic and better. He has considerable knowledge of surface anatomy, musculoskeletal assessment, and palpation skills so as to identify any possible muscular imbalances and dysfunctions and hence to design cost effective treatments for his clients.

His hands-on experience has required him to work with a fusion of different modalities including deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point release, reflexology, and acupressure. Furthermore, he has considerable knowledge of acupuncture meridians and their major pressure points with which he applies during his massage therapies for various conditions such as back pain, frozen shoulder, headaches and so forth.

Tony had years of experience in providing ancillary therapies such as cupping and scraping, which is used to stimulate and regulate the flow of Qi and Blood and can be used to relax the muscles, move stagnant Qi and blood and ease pain.

Aasta has been a massage therapist for over 13 years and is devoted to helping improve health and wellbeing. Aasta is very passionate about the benefits of massage and applies this in a range of settings as an infant massage instructor and in her corporate and clinic practice.

Aasta's massage style can best be described as a unique blend of remedial and deep tissue and if you would like a massage therapist with a personal touch, who really cares, Aasta would love to help!

"Aasta is phenomenal. She's intuitive, knowledgeable, strong, and nurturing. A massage with her is a nourishing experience for the body, mind, and soul. I cannot recommend her highly enough"

"Aasta is amazing! Before I started seeing her around 1.5-2 years ago, I was suffering from terrible headaches, anxiety and lower back pain. Since then, I've felt better and better, and I now rarely get a headache - when I was getting them 3-4 days a week! Her therapy also helps to balance out the weight lifting I do 5-6 times a week. Not only is Aasta an amazing massage therapist, she brings so much more than that. Her energy, and her ability to be able to pick up on yours to help treat you is amazing. Now I can't live without my massages with Aasta. Thank you Aasta!"

"I had been suffering agonizing shoulder pain & inflammation for a very long time, began regularly visiting Aasta about 8 mths ago. Her presence, energy, skill & knowledge has totally removed the continuous pain & immobility fm my shoulder. I am so grateful for her commitment to heal, as a yoga teacher I understand the necessity to be in wellness & self care. With Aasta's magic & I know I can be in that flow continuously."

"Aasta is the MOST amazing, intuitive body healer I have experienced in 20 years of receiving body therapies. I have experienced the healing hands of many wonderful healers over the years, yet Aasta knows exactly what is going on in my body (and often my spirit) without me saying a word. I encourage anyone considering massage to make a booking with Aasta Massage Therapy today - and experience TRUE healing and peace."

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