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Is your child experiencing difficulties with literacy, learning, concentration and memory? Improve Literacy, Learning and Memory

Students feel empowered when they have the strategies to help them learn how to learn. Evidence based research about literacy, learning and brain development has brought a new level of knowledge in providing effective instruction to children with learning difficulties. This research provides the basis for the instructional strategies used in the Learning intervention programme.

Education Assessment

We can provide diagnostic assessment that will accurately and precisely:
    • Identify underlying factors contributing to literacy processing difficulties
    • Identify gaps in foundation skills
    • Determine starting points for instruction

  • The assessment tools used are well recognized and respected in education.

  • Some of the tests are standardised. This means the test provides information about how your child compares with other children who are the same age or in the same year level.

  • Other tests are diagnostic which means they provide valuable information about how your child learns, what your child knows and the types of errors they are making which determines the goals and strategies for instruction.

10 Week Learning Packages for (One to One) Literacy Intervention

Individual one-to-one tuition is available and links directly to the goals outlined in the assessment report. Students attend a one hour weekly session for a period of ten weeks. Nine of these sessions involve one-one tuition. The tenth session is a review session to measure student progress and achievement. A separate appointment is made for this final review session. At the conclusion of the learning package there is a parent meeting to discuss progress.

Brain Training

We can provide evidence based computer training programmes that sustainably build the following aspects of learning:
  • Working Memory
  • Sequencing
  • Attention
  • Processing Speed

About Christine Hayes

Christine has over twenty years of experience working with children with learning difficulties in schools and in private practice. She is a registered teacher with a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Special Education. She is passionate about problem solving, why some students struggle to learn and finding effective strategies to help these children experience success with their learning.
Christine is a Cogmed Coach and Fast ForWord provider.

In addition to this, Christine provides professional development to teachers on the topics of reading difficulties, spelling and working memory. She has implemented whole school spelling programmes and also co-written an Australian supplement to Words Their Way, a spelling programme used extensively in schools.

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